Visual Effects and Visual Narratives

This pre-congress addresses the state of the art in the creation of visual effects and its relation to the creation of visual narratives. It takes film production as a reference, but expands to a bigger picture that integrates art, experimentation and interactivity.

It aims to have a framework of the current state of the art, an analysis on the link between the state of the art and the academic teaching of visual effects, and an introductory approach to methods and tools of creation.



9H30 – Keynote Speaker: Tupac Martir, creative diretor and founder of Satore Studios - 
Motores de jogo para tudo exceto para jogos
Although gaming engines are mainly used for creating games, over the past few years Satore has used them for anything but. Instead Satore has found that they are crucial elements of art, VR and immersive pieces.
Tupac Martir will share how Satore uses gaming technologies and how they are applied within Satore’s work and R&D, and how many of the techniques used are translatable to other aspects of entertainment and art.
Martir firmly believes that Technology is a character, with real-time softwares being the centre of importance at this time.

10H45 – Coffee Break.

11H00 – Debate
Visual Effects and Visual Artists: Methods for teaching visual effects

Moderator: Filipe Roque do Vale, ULHT/DCAM/CICANT – Teacher, Researcher, Film Editor.
Filipe Costa Luz, ULHT/DCAM/CICANT – Teacher, Researcher, Director BA Videogames, Vice Diretor BA Design.
Paulo Viveiros, ULHT/DCAM/CICANT – Teacher, Researcher, Director MA Erasmus Mundos Reanima, Director MA Animation Arts, Director BA Animation.
Carlos Almeida, VFX Artist, Irmã Lucia Founder -
Carlos Conceição, VFX Artist -

12H30 – Lunch.

14H00 – Workshop
Introduction to Visual Effects by Voxel School.
Trainer: Juanjo Bernabeu -

18H00 – Closing Statements
Pre-congress chair: Filipe Roque do Vale


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