The 8th International Congress of Audiovisual Researchers supports the organization of independent pre-congresses to be held on June 23, 2021 - one day before the start of the main event.


Pre-congress: "Social transformation & Ibero-American cinema"


    The impact of the film medium in society is self-evident as a profitable form of commerce and a source of memes. It’s much harder to determine whether cinema can have an impact on society, as well.

    Are acts of filmmaking capable of instigating social change? If so, which acts? What change? How can this impact be recognized, let alone measured and assessed?

    In this hybrid pre-congress (taking place both physically at Lusófona University in Lisbon, Portugal, and online), we intend to cover the many interrelations between social transformation and cinema. The film apparatus is thus considered both as a vehicle for and a witness to social change.

    Pre-congress: "Visual Effects and Visual Narratives"


      This conference addresses the state of the art in the creation of visual effects and its relation to the creation of visual narratives. It takes film production as a reference, but expands to a bigger picture that integrates art, experimentation and interactivity.

      It aims to have a framework of the current state of the art, an analysis on the link between the state of the art and the academic teaching of visual effects, and an introductory approach to methods and tools of creation.

      Keynote Speaker: Tupac Martir, creative diretor and founder of Satore Studios 

      Pre-congress: "Sound, Identity, and Territory"


        The set of events that we gathered in this pre-conference is also an integral part of the Aural Experience, Territory, and Community Project (FCT-2018-2021). This project, following the Lisbon Sound Map, intends to make a more exhaustive survey of the citizen's relations with the urban environment and the influences of sound in their daily work.

        Alongside this objective, this project, when integrating itself in this international congress, also intends to bring to the public discussion the best that is done in the area of sound studies, in order to deepen in the community the interest in the sensitive culture and what it composes, as acoustics, music, phonography and its path in artistic practices and contemporary thought.


        Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias
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