FilmEU Future Visions

23rd June 2021
Integrated in CIIA 2021 – 8th International Congress of audiovisual researchers, which takes place in Lisbon between the 24th and 25th of June 2021, the pre-congress “Future Visions” promoted by FILMEU will take place on the 23rd of June. FILMEU is one of the new projects promoted by the European Union to support the creation of trans-European universities in different areas of knowledge. In the case of FILMEU, it brings together the film and media arts department of the Universidade Lusófona, the IADT in Dublin, the LUCA in Brussels and the SZFE in Budapest, four European film schools that come together to create the first European film and media arts university. This pre-congress aims to promote debate and reflection on some of the project's intervention areas, namely artistic research and pedagogical practices in cinema and audiovisual teaching. Another highlight is a session dedicated to the New European Bauhaus, a new EU initiative in which FILMEU and Universidade Lusófona participate.


11 am



11.10 am

New European Bauhaus Initiative – What? When? How?

11.35 am

Future Storytelling: new pedagogies and new forms of creative narrative

12.10 pm

FilmEU Alliance - Best Practices in Artistic Research

12.50 pm

Methods and Challenges in Teaching Transversal Projects

Moderator: Barry Dignam

Lunch Break

13:30pm - 3pm

Coffee Break

4pm – 4.10pm


4.40 pm

Measuring the Impact of Cinema Sound Effects on Audience in Certain Key Paradigms

Moderator (+ welcome, introduction): Marc Van De Walle

Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias
Campo Grande, 376, 1749-024 Lisboa - Portugal

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